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Design magical illustrations with unlimited axes of symmetry

The port-manteau word “Amaziograph” delivers on the promise its name conveys – amazing graphics! Are you a creative newcomer or would you like to try your Apple Pencil on a versatile drawing app, or are you even a professional designer and artist? Amaziograph is the best app next to iOrnament , to let your ideas and creativity blossom.

The system of preset or individually adjusted symmetry and mirror axes, instantly turns your squiggles or artistically assertive art into multi surface masterpieces. If you ever wanted to create your own mandala or a colorful kaleidoscope image, this is your app. Amaziograph supports your creative work with parquetry, meaning several exactly matching partitions. Draw anything into one partition and the app completes your kaleidoscopic masterpiece with dazzling symmetry. Note: Amazing!


  • Intuitive, user-friendly screen
  • Pick and blend colors to create your own custom shade
  • The parquetry enables you to produce symmetrical work on a sheer unlimited number of partitions
  • Pencil, brush, eraser, color palette and options to customize these tools
  • Intuitive and synchronized drawing experience
  • Undo up to 30 steps in your drawing to correct mistakes or fine tune your work
  • Share your art on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail


  • 0.99$

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We became aware of this awesome app as we came upon the fascinating videos of the calligrapher Seb Lester. Amaziograph offers a plethora of entertaining applications for leisure, hobby and family life. Especially for children, this app provides an ideal launch pad for budding artists. Even a regular squiggle turns into an eye-catching piece of art, when given dimension through mirroring and symmetrical multiplication. When you tire of black and white, get the color palette and blend to your hearts content. Edit your picture, mix and mirror colors in unlimited combinations. For us less artistically gifted bloggers, Amaziograph has been a groundbreaking discovery and a true enrichment to our iPad Pro enjoyment. Have you already made use of this App? What are your thoughts? Your opinion is always very important to us. Please leave us a short comment to our post, we appreciate it.