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Turn your iPad into a telescope with this constellation app

You’ve always wanted to spot the “Big Dipper” or the “Lion” in the starry night sky? Download the constellation app SkyView, point your iPad towards the sky and discover faraway galaxies, constellations, satellites und much more. The app’s “Augmented Reality” technology lets you observe a myriad of objects in SkyView, day or night. Do you want to know what the starry sky looks like at a certain point in time? Enter the date and witness the stellar past or even future. You can use SkyView completely off-line without even having to share your GPS coordinates! The “SkyView’s Sightings Engine” automatically updates the star chart and all objects daily.

Advantages and special features

  • Observe galaxies, constellations, the ISS, the Hubble telescope und more
  • “Augmented Reality”: Stargazing anytime, observe a plethora of objects in the sky, day or night
  • Any change on the night sky automatically reflects in the daily update
  • Comprehensive explanations and information for every object and celestial body
  • No Wi-Fi necessary – use SkyView entirely offline


  • Free | In-App-purchases: 0.99$

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