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Duet Display: Use your iPad as a second screen

We can’t imagine our regular work day without the Apple tablet, especially after the newest developments for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Whether you use it for graphic design or as a mobile workspace, which connects you with all operations of your business anywhere, anytime, with today’s choice of smart apps and the sheer endless opportunity to employ the feature rich tablet, the iPad is becoming ever more popular. One of these very useful apps is “Duet Display“. This app was developed and perfected by former Apple-designers. Whether you use it on the iPad Pro or a smaller version, you will love the ease of working with dual screens on your laptop.

At first sight you may not notice a difference between Duet Display and Astropad App. Duet Display offers a true second screen with its own display properties, although the full feature use of the Apple Pencil is only accessible after an in-app-purchase. Astropad in contrast, is specialized for use with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, but simply duplicates your laptop screen onto the iPad display.

To connect your iPad to your laptop, simply use the lightning-USB-cable that came with your tablet. No need for wireless connections which may be compromised by interference or require you to enter long stringed passwords. All you need to do before connecting your laptop and your iPad is to download the respective app onto both devices. You will find the free laptop-app on Duet Inc.‘s website for both Macs and Windows-PCs.

Duet Display equips your laptop not only with all the advantages of a touchscreen, it also loads an impressively fast software package that has been perfected for Apple Pencil. Download the in-app-purchase of „Duet Display Pro“  and instantly turn your iPad into a professional grade graphics tablet. Duet-Display’s pressure sensitivity, palm rejection technology and many other supporting features make Duet Display a perfect companion base for Photoshop, Lightroom, Manga Studios and many others. Important to know: The app’s pro upgrade only works with iPad Pro, Macs 10.9 and above, and with Windows 8.1 and up.

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  • 19.99€ | Pro – Drawing Tablet Upgrade: 19.99€

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