iPad Pro and Apple Pencil stand Yohann compare size

When Apple presented the new iPad Pro 12,9″ on September 9th 2015 iPad fans were amazed. It  has nearly double the size of the iPad Air 2 and comes with the following advantages:

  • Screen: The 12,9 inch retina display provides a fantastic sharp Image (Resolution: 2732 × 2048)
  • Sound: four speakers and the entire iPad Pro itself as a big resonance body produce excellent volume and quality.
  • Split Screen: Two Apps can be used in parallel and each of them appears nearly as big as on the iPad Air 2.
  • Apple Pencil: The Apple Pencil allows to draw directly on the screen.

However it has a significant weight of about 1.58 pounds (720 grams). This weight needs to be supported: With our hands this gets tiring very quickly. Also we would like to do other things with our hands, than holding an iPad. No matter in which situation or position – Yohann helps to use the iPad comfortably and enhances its versatility. Only two simple examples:

  • Desktop Computer – With a wireless keyboard and Yohann the iPad turns into a powerful and minimalist desktop computer.
  • TV – This big iPad is a perfect alternative for a TV set: A mobile device with great screen and sound. Whether live TV, watching an already passed broadcast or simple enjoying a movie in bed – the iPad Pro and Yohann are the perfect match.

iPad size comparison with stand Yohann Oak

Comparison of the different iPad sizes and Yohann for iPad Pro for iPad 12,9″, Yohann for iPad Pro 9,7″ and Yohann for iPad mini (7,9″).