Recipe Salmorejo Cordobés
When days get really hot in summer I always come back to a fantastic refreshing, easy to prepare and healthy Spanish dish I learned to love during my years living in Seville, the capital of Andalucia in the south of Spain.
And it is not Gazpacho, what probably everybody knows and most of the Spaniards despise: Gazpacho is for tourists. Salmorejo is the tasty, creamy, cold dish that most of the Andalusians prefer. Salmorejo is extremely easy and quick to prepare – also a reason for me to be a big fan.

What you need for a great Salmorejo

  • Tomatoes – 1 kg
  • Garlic – 1 clove
  • Olive Oil – 150 ml  (Extra Virgin for a intense taste and a good health)
  • White Wine Vinegar – 3-4 large spoons
  • Salt – 1 spoon
  • White Bread without crust
  • A strong blender and a fridge

Salmorejo is that simple

Recipe Salmorejo Tomatoes

Tomatoes – Wash the Tomatoes and cut them in pieces so your blender will be able to mash them easily. You can use both, vine tomatoes or beefsteak tomatoes – they should be mature and tasty.

Recipe Salmorejo Olive Oil and Garlic

Olive Oil and Garlic – Shred the tomatoes together with one clove of garlic and a glas of tasty olive oil. I use a big preserving jar so I can just use this container to store it in the fridge when finished.

You might be surprised about the quantity of olive oil, and in most non-spanish recipes for Salmorejo given quantities are smaller. But most Spaniards put even more:

Olive Oil

Know that olive oil is one of the most important ingredients of the healthy mediterranean diet and especially of the spanish cuisine with a very long tradition. Olive oil is a unsaturated fatty acid, less fattening like animal fats and very healthy as it strengthens the immune system and is cancer preventive. Notabene Spain has the highest life expectation in Europe, followed by the Italiens.

Recipe for Salmorejo Blender

Salt and White Wine Vinegar – add according to your personal taste. Some people add more some less, others even claim that vinegar is not part of the original recipe. Probably there never has been one original recipe and each family in Andalucia prepared the Salmorejo in a different “original” way. For me the given amount of vinegar provides just the right freshness and spiciness I love. Try different variations and find your preferred taste.

Bread – The Spanish use aged white bread to thicken the cream – also according to tradition and taste. I only add a relatively small quantity to strengthen the Salmorejo a bit. To much bread turns the Salmorejo into a massive cream tasting like bread. Only use the inner white part and avoid crust!

Recipe Salmorejo Blender full

Blend – It is important to blend and shred the cream very well for several minutes. The blender has to crush all the tomato skins and seeds and needs some time to make the cream fine and smooth. Better be patient and blend 2 extra minutes. Use a powerful blender!

Fridge – If you think your Salmorejo is ready to serve you are wrong. Before you can enjoy your Salmorejo it has to get cooled and, above all it has to mellow for a while. The flavors of garlic, tomato and olive oil have to flourish and spread. It’s not always the fresher the better. Give your Salmorejo some time, at least 8 hours.

Recipe Salmorejo ingredients

Serve – Shake the Salmorejo before pouring it in small coups or jars of about 100ml per person. The typical and elaborate way to serve it is with bits of boiled eggs and Spanish ham (Jamón Serrano). This is not necessary but nice if you have. A peace of fresh bread (like baguette) should always accompany your Salmorejo.

¡Que aproveche! – Enjoy!

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